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Hungarian utility winner 2015
Overall winner RINAY KUPA
(Hungary) 2015

AXEL from the brown earth dogs - "Troll"

(Import Germany)

- from hunting used cattle breeding -

VDH / DTK 09T2577R - ÖDHK RD23790


GS CIT RODAN from the Schütthaus x VANESSA-FRÄZCHEN from the brown earth dogs

Breeding license granted!

Troll Stand (3).JPG
Achievement mark :
SCHF - bullet resistance test
SP - track loudness test (100P - 1st price)
APoE - system test above ground (100P - 1st price)
APuE - system testing underground (100P - 1st price)
InterVGP - international full use test (3rd prize)
D-BhFK95 - Engineering test passed in Germany
D-ESw - Sucking test passed in Germany
StiJ - rummage in the hunting business awarded
SauN - Sau Nature awarded
SK-BhFK - engineering examination in Slovakia (2 x PP)
H-BhFK - engineering test in Hungary (100p - 1st price CACT) 2 x handles
H-SHP - Pig hunt test in Hungary (100P - 1st price CACT)
H-Wa.T. - Water test in Hungary (2nd prize)
Wire hair standard
Color: dark-white
Date of birth: 28.08.2009
Form value: sg - very good
Chest: 46cm
Weight: 9kg
correct scissor bite
DNA profile available
OI free
crdPRA free
ECVO eye examination - 2014/2016/2018
TROLL is an absolutely powerful and passionate hunter. He is unerring and absolutely handy, who does not enter into a huge discussion with his counterpart, but is still not headless.
Its main discipline is the hunting of sows. Troll has a strong character and knows what he wants, he decides for himself.

A male of the correct shape, who works uncompromisingly and is always ready to work.

Troll is not bred by me and is not in my possession, I'm more like his godmother ..
However, the two of us have mastered many trials and joint hunts together. He also spent a lot of time here within our family. A flexible male who is absolutely one with his family, but has not always been compatible with strangers.
Troll is now an old, wise dachshund man who enjoys his well-earned pension in Carinthia with his owner.
His pedigree shows, among other things, the well-known "werewolf line", which dominated the working dog being among the wire-haired dachshunds in the 70s / 80s, especially in terms of sharpness, hardness and precocity. This line set standards that are still unique today!
It is precisely this precocity, hardness and sharpness that he has so far passed on very strongly to his offspring. In addition, Troll, with the matching bitch, can be shown to inherit brown / brown-red.

So far, Troll has mated in Germany, Finland and Austria. Troll is available to cover for bitches who are led hunting and on duty. A current eye examination (ECVO) can also be carried out on request.
Troll has the breeding license with the predicate "from hunting performance breeding".
The 32 ancestors listed in his pedigree, with a generation of 5, have a total of

17 International Work Champions (CIT)
10 winners (GS)
2 Hungarian working champions (H-ACh)
3 French working champions (F-ACh)

next to some not to be despised beauty titles!

A dachshund that has really pulled through on the hunt and performance!
Owner: Dr. Johannes Plenk -
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