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BRUTUS from Salvenblick FCI - "Brutus"

(Export to Slovakia)

- from hunting performance breeding -

ÖDHK RD25713A - SPKP 12819/16


Overall winner of the WUT European Cup InterVGP
Overall winner RINYA KUPA

DESI of those at Pempelfort x AXEL from the brown earth dogs

(2 x CACIT, 4 x CACT) (4x CACT)

Brutus overzealously messed with a big boar in November 2019. He did not survive his injuries.

Achievement mark :
SHOJ - Breeding test in Slovakia (444)
FSMP - Certificate of Fitness for Use in Slovakia (1st Prize)
KBL - construction test / breeding selection in Slovakia (1st prize)
SD - Saupprüfung in Slovakia (1st prize)
D-ESw - Sucking test passed in Germany
AT-SP - track volume test in Austria (100P - 1st price)
InterVGP - international full use test (3rd price) (with 4 hours of sweat)
Wire hair standard
Color: dark-white
Date of birth: 04.08.2014
Form value: excellent - CAC CACIB
Chest: 45cm
Weight: 9.4kg
correct scissor bite
DNA profile available
OI free
crdPRA free
ECVO eye examination - 2018
Brutus was a strong wire-haired dachshund male. A passionate hunter, his main job was rummaging for sows. He was out on the sows a lot, almost every day. His master used his strengths and supported and challenged him perfectly.
At just 8.5 months, Brutus was the youngest dog in the Slovak breeding test out of 17 dogs and was able to do the best track work. This was followed by the welding system test, which is also valid as proof of usability, the club building test and, in retrospect, the special sow test, which, in addition to an actual driven hunt, also includes the creel test, obedience, behavior in one piece and on top of that, a sweat trail.
Also, his master spared no expense or trips to take the suction test with me in Germany, and in Austria the track volume and the international full use test, which also includes hunting underground.
Brutus was up for anything, he did everything.

Brutus was a loyal hunting dachshund at his side for his master. His sharpness, which he clearly inherited from his father Troll, and his daring manner made him a gladiator on the hunt. He was patched up almost every year because he had messed with the pigs every time and over and over again. Brutus has been allowed to hunt so many pigs in his short life that none of us has been able to experience that before.
And it was precisely this reckless manner and sharpness that cost him his life in November 2019.

Brutus was and remains a real exceptional dog, even without many tests. Because that's exactly what he was and no test can reflect that!
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