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German utility winner 2016
WUT Working Champion 2017

National search winner 2017

Austrian practical winner 2018
Hungarian practical winner 2018

VIVA LA DIVA Pemico - "Tendu"

(Import Slovakia)

SPKP 12812 - ÖDHK RD24766


GCH Ch, JCh SK, JCh HR-H, WUT-JCh DONA Pemiko x Idessüs GEKKO

Tendu died in July 2019.

BauFeb (4).jpg
Achievement mark:
Sfk - bullet resistance test
SP - track loudness test (83P - 2nd price)
WA / J - Youth water work test (100P - 1st price)
APoE / J - system test above the earth youth (100P - 1st price with 9 months )
APuE - system testing underground (100P - 1st price)
InterVGP - international full use test (2 x 1st price)
InterBJ / NB - international hunting test / natural construction (badger) (100P - 1st prize)
SSP ÖDHK - special welding examination ÖDHK (100P - 1st prize) Title: BSS
BH, BGH 1 - companion dog examination of the ÖKV
H-BHFK - Engineering test Hungary (Fuchs)
H-SchwhK CACT - Welding Art Exam Hungary (100P - 1st Prize) with a candidate
H-SHP CACT - Pig hunt test Hungary (100P. I. Prize) with an eligibility
H-WA - Hungary water test (1st prize)
D-BhN (F) - Bauhund Natur (Fox) awarded
D-Sp / J - Spurlautprüfung Jugend Deutschland (50P - III.Prize)
D-Wa.T. - Water test Germany
D-Vp / J - Versatility test Germany (3rd prize with 13 months )
D-StiJ - rummaging around in the hunting business
D-VpoSp - Versatility test without a trace, Germany (1st prize)
D-ESw - Saugatterprüfung Germany passed
D-SchwhK - welding skill test Germany (75P - 2nd price)
D-SchwhN - Sweat Dog Nature awarded
D-BHP 1 + 3 - companion dog test of the DTK part 1 + 3 (obedience + water)
Wire hair standard
Color: pink
Date of birth: 21.08.2014
Form value: V2 Res. CACA
Chest: 43cm
Weight: 8.8kg
correct scissor bite
DNA profile available
ECVO eye examination - 2016/2018
OI free
crdPRA free
CEA free
Lafora epilepsy free
Furnishing F / F - true-to-breed wire-haired not short-haired
S locus S / S - no check carrier / Piebald
B locus B / B - not a brown carrier
My tireless dachshund Tendu was 100% eager to work. Regardless of the time of day or night, she was always there immediately.
By a real coincidence, she finally came to us in Tyrol in February 2015 as the successor to Wicky from Slovakia and this decision was completely correct. Her ancestors do not have a complete working line, but they easily skipped that.
Easy to grip when it mattered, no burrow was too deep for her, no search was too difficult for her, no driven hunt too much and the hide could never be exciting enough. Once she even jumped from my high seat to loudly chase the cat passing by ...
She could just do a bit of everything, even if welding was her real favorite discipline. I never had to practice a lot with her, she just felt like she was on rails every time. She knew exactly what it was about and did not allow herself to be dissuaded from this project.
I was actively involved with her at the tracking station in Kitzbühel. We have even been called by our fellow searchers to ask whether we can possibly take over searches. Tendu was incredibly good at your search!
Still, it was with her that I learned to fail exams. Tendu always did her thing, sometimes really great and sometimes my jaw dropped.
Tendu is the first dog that has brought this title to Tyrol since the search for national winners began in Austria! Despite the fact that we raised the deer during the test track and that we took a short break, it brought us safely to our destination, to the end. That was a terrific achievement.
In terms of tests and hunting, she was definitely (with my Janchen) one of the most successful dachshunds! (As you know, I'm not so fond of beauty titles ...)

She was a really cool dog. Always happy, always funny. She was every day and she always went along with every stupidity with a helping of quick exaggeration. It was hardly going slowly.
I never would have thought it, but because she was such a funny guy and always had steam in her dachshund pop, she leaves a huge gap. Not just in the area, but in my heart <3
* thick tears roll down *
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