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German utility winner 2012
WICKY vom Waldblut - "Wicky"

(Import Germany)

- from hunting used cattle breeding -

VDH / DTK 11T0564R


ELFI vom Brunnenhof O x GS LS D-Ch VDH LS-Vet D-VetCh ODIN vom Waldesgraben

In November 2014, WICKY fought a driven hunt with a smaller pack of sows and succumbed to the long-term effects a week later.

Wicky Schwein.jpg
Achievement mark:
Sfk - bullet resistance test
Sp / J - Spurlaut Jugend (97P - 1st price with 5 months! )
BhFK95 / J - Engineering examination passed (with 13 months)
Wa.T./J - water test youth (32P - 1st price with 5 months! )
BhN (F) - Bauhund Natur Fuchs
SchwhK / J - welding art test youth (100P - 1st price with 13 months! )
Vp / J - Versatility test (1st price with 11 months! )
ESw - Saugatterprüfung
H-BhFK - building examination Hungary
H-SHP CACT - Pig hunt test Hungary
H-WA - Hungary water test
SauN - Sau nature
StiJ - rummage around in the hunting business
St - rummage check
SK-MSBL CACIT - Building Examination Slovakia
BHP 1 + 3 - companion dog test
Wire hair standard
Color: brown-red
Date of birth: 03/18/2011
Form value: V4
Chest: 39cm
Weight: 7.2kg
correct scissor bite (P1 missing)
ECVO eye examination - 2012
Wicky was clearly diagnosed with hereditary cataracts - so she was neutered and was never bred!
Wicky was a warrior, a never resting dachshund. Yes, it was really exhausting. She would have loved to just hunt all day. She was never really satisfied. Every protest, if something did not fit, showed us with a bunch and that could also be several times a day! I've always called her a disaster dog.

She came to me at exactly 8 weeks to the day. A real wishing dachshund; it should be a brown wire-haired dachshund drawn for hunting. Visually, it was a dream of a rough dachshund. Unfortunately, we never became a team because she always wanted to hunt. Hunt, hunt, and hunt again. She didn't want to go through everyday life with me as a buddy, she just wanted to put her nose down and off we went. She did that too, allowing an incredible amount.
Wicky was a really handy bitch. She hacked into everything. Her perfectionism lay in rummaging and welding. I was even able to let her sweat run free; despite her urge to rummage, she read the tracks down to the smallest detail.
Because of her daredevil nature, she was able to win the coveted CACIT in Slovakia at the international building test in 2013 - at the age of just 2 - - this little Wicky dog was simply a phenomenon. She was just different from other dachshunds / dogs ...
In her 3.5 years she has taken part in so many driven hunts that some dogs can only dream of all their lives. I also awarded Wicky. "She went out with everyone, hunting was simply her purpose in life. She would never have been satisfied as a pure everyday dog, and she wasn't. She stole a lot of our nerves.

In the end, she passed away just as quickly and restlessly as she was.
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