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ANETTE spod Dubovej hory - "Zazu"

(Import Slovakia)

ÖDHK RD25900 - SPKP 14540

BRITA z pod Ostrého x KV MSML 2018 CCT 2018 CIT 2020 Belaci Bruncik KORNÉL

Breeding license granted!

Achievement mark :

SCHF - bullet resistance test
SP / J - track loudness test youth (75P - 2nd price with 8 months )
SP - track volume test (100P - 1st price with 15 months )
APoE / J - system test above ground (100P - 1st price with 9 months )
APuE / J - system testing underground (90P - 1st price with 9 months )
WA / J - water work test (100P - 1st price with 9 months )
D-BhFK95 / J - Engineering test passed in Germany (with 9 months)
Wire hair standard
Color: dark-white
Date of birth: 28.12.2019
Form value: very good, extremely fine
Chest: 38cm
Weight: 7.7kg
correct scissor bite (P1 missing)
ÖDHK: ÖLBJ-Nr. 1422
DTK: GTB-Nr. 25/2022
DNA profile available
crdPRA free
OI free
ECVO eye examination - April 2021
Lafora Epilepsy Free
Furnishing F / F - true rough hair ( no short hair bearer)
S-Lokus S / S ( no check carrier / Piebald)
B locus B / B ( no Braunträger)
My little wild bumblebee, my 10,000 volt dachshund, my - sometimes - pain in the ass, my friend who accompanies me all the time.
Zazu came to me in Tyrol from Slovakia at the age of 10 weeks. Since her arrival she has been completely shaped, guided and used for hunting. Even as a puppy, her absolute urge to game was very easy to see. Your grip is still firm and secure today.
At the age of just 4.5 months, she was already making a sure sound on the game. At 6.5 months she was absent for several hours for the first time. Absolutely, their strength lies in browsing. Here she is tireless and has a really strong urge to move forward. Already in the winter of 2020, when she was not even a year old, during various rummage hunts, several pieces were hunted in front of her, which she produced independently and partly on her own.
In addition to rummaging, Zazu is also used for welding. Zazu and I belong to the Kitzbühel tracking station, where we are successful. Searching is an integral part of their hunting life. She is quick but determined. Hopefully soon we will be able to name ourselves as a usably checked search team.

In the future, Zazu will also do her work underground.
In addition to his hunting work, Zazu lives with us at his house, within the family. We are a 4 generation house, which shows that she is a really friendly and funny dachshund to everyone and everyone. In general, she is often overly happy. There are hardly any bad days where you can relax.
She also accompanies me to the office every day - Zazu and I are a pretty good team!

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