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Jagdteckel "... vom Salvenblick FCI"
- from hunting performance breeding -
Our puppies grow up in the house, within the family. The whelping box is right in the middle, you have been there from an early age and yet you have peace and quiet. But what is important to me is that the mother dog is not locked away or that she does not get the feeling of being separated during this time. She has access to everything at all times.
In the first 3-4 weeks, the mother dog "takes care of" everything herself, only afterwards is we supported. The puppies get wet and dry food. At about 4 weeks they have full access to the outside, the exercise area is enlarged and everyday family life becomes normal from then on. Kitchen, vacuum cleaner, everything in the household you get with you.
The puppies also go "outside" every day from about the 6th week until they are released, and that doesn't just mean the garden. You will explore everything in the immediate vicinity with our dogs, area walks are a matter of course. Different surfaces, (light) water, hilly terrain, forest, meadow floor, feeding, if possible also freshly hunted game, you get to know everything in a playful way. Taking possession of prey, defending it, this should find continuance within the herd, they get trolls relatively regularly. Thunderstorms, rain, cooler and warmer temperatures, you experience everything and we make use of ourselves for our children.
In short, we try to give the puppies the best possible start in their future hunter life.
The delivery is only made to active dog handlers / hunters with approx. 10 weeks. Regarding delivery, the Animal Welfare Act must be observed!
My kennel is registered with the official veterinarian and my dogs are taxed!
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