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EDGAR vom Salvenblick FCI - "Edgar"

- from hunting performance breeding -



GS ÖGS HACh BSS WUTWorkCh VIVA LA VIDA Pemiko x BRUTUS from Salvenblick FCI

Breeding license granted!

Achievement mark :

SCHF - bullet resistance test
SP - track loudness test (100P - 1st price)
APoE - system testing above ground (74P - 2nd price)
APuE - system testing underground (100P - 1st price)
WA - water work test (100P - 1st price)
Wire hair standard
Color: dark-white
Date of birth: 08.03.2019
Form value: excellent
Chest: 43cm
Weight: 9kg
correct scissor bite
DNA profile - is created
crdPRA free
OI free
ECVO eye examination - October 2020
Edgar lives in Traun (Upper Austria) within a family with children.
He is allowed to live out his hunting passion in the cooperative Hörsching hunting area, as well as in the specially leased Rehkogel hunting area near Molln. The main focus so far has been on the search, which Edgar also masters with ease and has so far found all dead or sick game. Edgar has also shown that he is very tough and sharp when it comes to hunting predatory game.
His great passion, however, is rummaging. Here he is quite persistent, two hours or more are no problem at all, his energy is irrepressible ...
At home, however, he is a calm and totally balanced dog who dozes peacefully in the sun or plays around in the garden with his two best friends (the children of the family). In addition, he even keeps the so-called truce here, the garden chickens are left completely alone ...
Edgar is generally a peaceful guy who usually gets along with all dogs. However, he prefers bitches and accepts males.
In his first year of testing, Edgar passed all system tests within four weeks, some with top marks. He was also able to take the track volume test as the main test in the first prize with full points.
An absolutely flexible and motivated male!
Further tests are to follow in 2021.
Edgar has had full breeding approval since October 2020 and is ready to cover suitable and healthy bitches.
The 32 ancestors listed in his pedigree, with a generation depth of 5, have a total of
15 x winners (GS)
7 x international work champions (CIT)
6 x Hungarian work champion (HACh)
2 x Austrian Utility Winner (ÖGS)
2 x overall winner RINYA KUPA (combination test construction / sow / water Hungary)
1 x overall winner of the European Cup (quasi the world championship using the WUT)
1 x Federal Search Winner Austria (BSS)
1 x French work champion (FACh)
1 x Norwegian / Finnish / Danish / Nordic utility winner
next to some still countless foreign usage tests as well as not to be despised beauty titles!
A dachshund that has really pulled through on the hunt and performance!
Owner: Lilli Haim -
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