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EDO vom Salvenblick FCI - "Edi"

- from hunting performance breeding -



GS ÖGS HACh BSS WUTWorkCh VIVA LA VIDA Pemiko x BRUTUS from Salvenblick FCI

Breeding license granted!

Achievement mark :
SCHF - bullet resistance test
SP / J - track loudness test youth (100P - 1st price with 7.5 months)
APoE - system test above ground (100P - 1st price)
APuE - system testing underground (90P - 1st price)
WA - water work test (70P - 2nd price)
D-BhFK95 - Engineering test passed in Germany
Wire hair standard
Color: dark-white
Date of birth: 08.03.2019
Form value: excellent
Chest: 45cm
Weight: 9.5kg
correct scissor bite
DNA profile available
crdPRA free
OI free
ECVO eye examination - October 2020
B locus - B / B ( no brown carrier)
Edi, an absolute daredevil, a 24-hour hunting dachshund.
A direct hit for hunting: tough, sharp and uncompromising on game. He has already proven his skills several times and does it almost every day. Its owner is always enthusiastic and reports regularly.
Edi lives in a pack with two other uncastrated males, which shows that he is socially normal. However, he doesn’t like strange males, bitches, on the other hand, are always very welcome.
He comes from a strong line of use, although some beauty dogs can also be filtered out through the mother line. Edi's mother, Tendu , was a very daring and strong, sometimes grippy bitch. At 4.5 years of age, she was able to win five working titles at home and abroad. In 2017 she was also able to bring home the national search victory as the first female dog in Tyrol. Edi's father was an absolutely uncompromising and very hard-working bastard that I raised.
In both lines there are mainly sharp dogs, which is also noticeable in Edi. This genetic importance is anchored precisely through the paternal line, through well-known, safe working dogs.
Nonetheless, Edi is a very social and absolutely friendly family dog ​​who accompanies his master, just like his two other dachshund buddies, to the traditional costume shop in the middle of Kitzbühel every day. He has a wedler for every visitor.
Edi's strength is the rummage, but he also leaves no building uninhabited. He accompanies his master every day to the district, has a seamless track, which he passed with full points on the rabbit at the age of 7 months. He has also shown his passion for hunting in sweat, he is a member of the local tracking station.
Edi has also shown his predilection for predatory game several times. He has already successfully blown up foxes.
Edi is a wire-haired dachshund that hunts in many ways.

Edi will continue to be presented at exams in the future. Due to the Covid-19 situation, which is still difficult in 2020, the owner could not take any examinations in adolescence with Edi; but this does not reduce the hunting performance ...

Edi has had full breeding permission since September and is available to efficient, healthy bitches.
The 32 ancestors listed in his pedigree, with a generation depth of 5, have a total of
15 x winners (GS)
7 x international work champions (CIT)
6 x Hungarian work champion (HACh)
2 x Austrian Utility Winner (ÖGS)
2 x overall winner RINYA KUPA (combination test construction / sow / water Hungary)
1 x overall winner of the European Cup (quasi the world championship using the WUT)
1 x Federal Search Winner Austria (BSS)
1 x French work champion (FACh)
1 x Norwegian / Finnish / Danish / Nordic utility winner
next to some still countless foreign usage tests as well as not to be despised beauty titles!
A dachshund that has really pulled through on the hunt and performance!
Owner: Michel Nagele -
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