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Country winner 2012
German utility winner 2012
Austrian practical winner 2014
International working champion 2014

WUT Working Champion 2017
Hungarian practical winner 2018
Overall winner RINY KUPA 2013
(combined test in Hungary)

Overall winner of the WUT European Cup 2013 (almost the WUT World Cup)
DESI of those at Pempelfort - "Jana"

(Import Germany)

- from hunting used cattle breeding -

VDH / DTK 10T1291R - ÖDHK RD24261


HELENA von der Sistiger Höhe x GS JONAS vom Windmühlenberg

Jana died in July 2019.

BauJan18 (2).jpg
Achievement mark :
DE-Sfk - bullet resistance test
DE-Sp / J - track loudness test in youth in Germany (97P - 1st price with 10 months )
DE-Wa.T. - Water test in Germany
DE-BHFK95 / J - Artificial engineering test in youth Germany
DE-SchwhK / J - welding test 1000m in Germany (50P - 3rd price with 12 months )
DE-ESw / J - Youth suction test passed in Germany ( at 12 months )
DE-ESw - suction test in Germany
DE-WaS - Forest Search (browsing test with a 30-minute time limit)
DE-Vp - Versatility test in Germany (1st prize)
DE-BhN (F) - Bauhund Natur (Fox) awarded
DE-BhN (D) - Bauhund Natur (Dachs) awarded
StiJ - rummage around in the hunting business
SauN - Sau nature
SchwhN - sweat nature
DE-St - rummage test in Germany
H-SHP CACT - Pig hunt test Hungary (100P - 1st prize) with distinction
H-BhFK CACT - building examination Hungary (Fuchs) (100P - 1st prize) blown - with distinction
H-SchwhK CACT - welding skills test Hungary (100P - 1st prize) with distinction
H-WA - Hungary water test (1st prize)
SSP ÖJGV - special welding test of the ÖJGV (IIIa price)
SSP ÖDHK - special welding examination of the ÖDHK in the course of the BSS (II.a price)
InterVGP CACITuE - international full use test (1st prize) with distinction
SK-MSBL - Building Examination Slovakia (Fuchs)
FCI European Cup InterVGP CACIT - overall winner with distinction
BHP 1 + 3 - companion dog test in Germany
BH, BGH 1 - Companion dog test in dog sports ÖKV
Wire hair standard
Color: dark-white
Date of birth: May 15, 2010
Form value: V1 VDH DTK CAC, best veteran
Chest: 43cm
Weight: 7.9kg
correct scissor bite
DNA profile available
OI free
crdPRA free
ECVO eye examination - 2011/2013/2016
My dear Janchen, she was just an absolutely lovable dachshund. She couldn't stand pressure, loud voice or even "a bit of a ruffle" at all. She was resentful and at the same time sneaky :-D She looked after the moth: "I don't like", I turned around, she was rummaging around for hours. She could never get enough hunting, but at home she was a sleeping buoy. Bombs could have hit her next to her, she wouldn't even have flinched. But if she heard gunshots, she was there immediately :-D

Their parade was definitely the construction hunt. Jana was a typical upright and so her longest construction work was about 8 hours but the fox and badger were successfully excavated. She let us dig a few holes and she has already pulled out a few excavators. She would never have given up underground. Even though she was really without sharpness, she never went into a great fight, but she always managed to get it out somehow through pressure, steadfastness and with the urge to the game.
No fur has grown back on the bridge of her nose, everything was so scarred.
She has mastered well over 150 (documented!) Successful days of construction hunting (not counting those that were bagless).
She was a rummage through body and soul. Here, too, she rarely stopped. Water, she was a water rat, she was particularly foolish about flying game. She even dived some geese or ducks, and landed after some time despite defensive wing beats.
Sows were such a thing too. If there was only one pig in the act, Jana found it. She followed the game for kilometers. The furthest where I had to collect her was 50 kilometers elsewhere ....
Jana experienced my "crazy driven hunt time". She has pretty sure and actually successfully completed over 300/400 driven hunts in her early years. Except for the hunt, she never got out of her basket :-D
That changed, however, when I moved to Tyrol and became "a bit calmer in terms of hunting" (although there were always more driven hunts added every year).
She was tireless, protracted, steadfast and full of pressure, no matter what work - except for the welding work. That was never her strength. She looked good and orderly in practice, it was a disaster on practice or examination tracks, I have never been able to read it.
Nevertheless, she mastered a total of 33 exams with me, of which she only failed once. And that was a few years ago in Hungary at over 30 ° in the midday heat.
The "hunting world championship", the FCI European Cup, should be emphasized. In 2013, after my first year in Tyrol, I was allowed to represent Austria in this top-class international exam. With 270/274 points, we won this test by a huge margin and as the only team with the CACIT award. It still makes me proud today - my little Janchen was just amazing!
No matter what, Jana was always reliable. Tender, loving, considerate, simply unique in nature. She had a total pleasure to work with me, even on the dog park, always. She was my buddy, my shadow, she was my dog, just MY JANCHEN <3
Your hole in my heart is especially big. And even now, as I write these lines, the tears just run down ...
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